Welcome to Diamond Disclosure!

Are ready to start a spiritual journey? Or, if you are already on the journey and have hit a plateau you have come to the right place. We have crossed paths for a reason! Spirituality is within all of us and has many different paths. In this moment, you could be:

    • actively seeking an intuitive life coach to start letting go of long standing pain, grief, to lean into spirituality, or whatever change you are seeking


    • an empath wondering if you are really and empath, and are curious about how to cope with this gift (no worries, I’m an empath too!)


    • at a crossroads in your life and just want answers with a psychic session


    • curious about your soul purpose and who you came here to be




    • perhaps you are questioning your secret ambitions and just need a bit of validation


    • looking for resources and articles about spirituality

Whatever your need, I am here to help you. Choosing to receive spiritual guidance can be as simple as finding someone you feel comfortable sharing your experiences with for the betterment of your life; and most often your soul. My specialty is helping women cultivate healing, clarity, and transformation through coaching and spiritual guidance. I would love to get to know you. But first, I am sure you would like to know more about me!

I have been answering questions about spirituality and offering guidance my entire life, but I have been truly on a spiritual journey since 2008.  Since that time I have finally come out as an empathic psychic medium, become an Intuitive Coach, and Akashic Records Reader.  Feel free to send me a little note to say “hello!”

I believe the universe has divinely inspired our connection!  I offer Akashic Records Readings, Psychic Sessions, and Intuitive Coaching via Phone or Skype.  I want to inspire you with love, light, and share a few of my priceless ideas.  Schedule your appointment here.  I look forward to connecting!

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